Slightly Irish Drinking Song (Copyright 2008 - Slightly Sedated)
Norwegians are all very rugged, the Swiss are as peaceful as mice,
Italians have tempers that flair up, and the French are all lovers, that's nice.
Canadians love hockey and Molson, and Scotsman are thrifty I think,
Oh the Aussies are quite easy going, but the Irish they sing when they drink
Singalong Chorus: Ohhhhhhhhhh
sing-along, drink-along Molly, wash it down with a warm Guinness Stout
My whiskey's Jamison's or Tully, we'll all get red noses and gout
not everyone's Irish my brother, and please, please don't get me wrong
Just join me in hoisting another, and we'll all get drunk singing this song

That Jimmy O'Toole is a fighter, don't cross him when drinking he's mean,
he'd just as soon knock out your front teeth, or be kickin' you right in the spleen,
you don't have to be from the old sod, from Kilkenny, Cork or Kildare,
we can all sing and drink like the Irish, silly drunk in our underwear.
Singalong Chorus:
You don't need fair skin or freckles, you may not look good in red hair,
you may not wear green on St. Patricks, dance a jig kicking high in the air.
if corned beef and cabbage don't thrill you, and your name isn't Seamus or Shawn.
but you're all just Slightly Irish, so drink one and sing right along
Singalong Chorus:
Belly up to the bar and start drinking, pick a fight in the parking lot,
and stumble your way through the doorway, slur some words like some old drunken sot,
chase a leprechaun out of the bathroom, pick a clover and wear a green hat,
yes you're certainly Irish now brother, so sing like the lady that's fat,
Singalong Chorus: