MAKE IT COUNT (Copyright 2010 - Slightly Sedated)
There’s no more, Flavor of the week
Or coming home to someone who barely lets you speak
There’s no point, getting up set
You’ll just wind up saying something that you regret
There’s time enough, till there’s no time at all
Make it count, Make it count
Every day, every day, make it count, every day
Make it count, Make it count, Every day
And when the honeymoon is over then what are you gonna’ do
You have to make each day better than the last
Don’t look back on what might have never been
Be happy with each other , Its all you can ask
And when you get yourself in line
Have a couple of kids they’ll make you feel fine
Or make you feel so low you want to die
And if you’re feeling blue remember you were young once too
All the breaks you got you better give
Verse 1